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My two weeks at Jindal Naturopathy Institute (JNI)

'Why don't you try Jindal?', a friend at work suggested. I had not heard of Jindal before.. 'My friend went there and their nature cure method was very helpful. You can talk to her', she said. The 'natural' keyword was enough to get me curious after being tired of doctors and the antibiotics. I had wished for a natural way to regain my health and immunity. I had heard the word Naturopathy before, but I had no clue what it meant. So I googled. I figured no harm could come of it and decided that it was worth a try. I told myself the least it would be was - a good natural detox and a break.

One of my colleagues joked, 'Rashmi, only old people go there'. Thats not true though. There are people starting from 18 and of all shapes, sizes and capabilities.

The best thing I learnt from this experience was that the human body is amazing. It may not heal as quickly like in the movie Terminator. But it does heal in a few days. The body is capable of healing itself - only if we give it a chance.

I went in for 15 days. I not just came back feeling better and energetic with a nice complexion, but I lost weight. No muscle mass was lost, rather I toned up. Its hard to believe when I say this, but I am back the weight I was in 2003 - feeling lighter and rejuvenated. Well, this was only the bonus. My thyroid levels came down and are doing great with almost half the medication. Had I visited them years earlier, I might have gotten away with not having to take thyroid medication at all. In early stages of a disease the body can get back to a healthy state it seems. Diet and exercise play a key role.

If you had already known about Jindal and are dilly dallying, well, I would suggest you take it up as you will thank yourself. I have detailed below how I went about it. Jindal naturecure review:
(please note: the below are solely my perspective and info that I used)


Online booking is at You fill up a form with your ailments and they will go through it and revert to you if you can be considered for treatment. For example, they do not take patients who cannot walk or have heart diseases etc. All disclaimers are mentioned on the website. The website has a list of everything you want to know before you apply to JNI. Please check.

Room category

You can choose from a list of room categories. Even the most basic ones, that is the economy class has very clean bathrooms.  (Yes, am one of the freakish females for whom clean and hygienic bathrooms are priority no.1 on any outside stay). No frills. Just a bed with clean sheets and bath. No AC, but they do have fans. This accommodation starts at Rs.800 per night (as of July 2013).  The next category after economy starts with AC, but very similar looking accommodation as economy. Everything upwards from there is very nice, will make you feel like you are on a holiday and getting healthier by the day! There are rooms that go upto Rs.10,000 a night as people like movie stars also come and visit and get total seclusion - I presume. I did run into some myself while I was there. The room categories and rates are also on the web. Pls check.

Treatment facility

There is more than one treatment centre and according to your room category, you will be sent to the respective treatment facility. The quality of treatment is the same irrespective of room category. Its just the frills that are different. Its like being on an aircraft where everybody flies to the same destination. Its just your leg space and experience that vary based on your seating.  The economy and executive category again have a very clean no frills facility. In a few instances it may be a bit crowded (the longest waiting time is usually 15 mins), but everyone is treated very well with no exceptions. 

Huts and above, get treatment in their rooms for most of the treatments. Some of the treatments which cannot be performed in the room will have to be taken at the respective facility. These arrangements may change over time. So depending on how recent this blog is, please check with them.


There is more rumour than reality. Of course, some doctors are more popular than the others. Some masseurs are more popular than the others - like anywhere else on the planet. When you get admitted at JNI (Jindal Naturopathy Institute), you will be assigned a doctor. I found my doctor very good. He sounded OK on daily interactions, but the results on my thyroid are excellent. He did mention on the first day that my medication could be reduced to half. I was thinking, 'ok, may be'. But it did reduce to half!! So I would say, have more faith than judgement. But do your homework if you want to. Overall, their staff is excellent. All staff are very courteous and excellent at their job. During my stay, I wondered many times as to what kind of training they receive that they are so dedicated, patient and good at their job. 

There are acupuncture and physiotherapy treatments prescribed to people who need them. Again, doctors and attendants are polite all over. This was my first time with acupuncture as well. It was not painful, contrary to how terrifying it looks. It is easier on the skin than taking a regular injection.

The key to get the right treatment is to describe all you ailments in detail to your doctor so that you get the appropriate treatments and make the best use of your time and money.

Diseases treated

People come to JNI from all over the globe. I did not probe as to what diseases each of them had, but from general conversation I remember some of their ailments which they have come for:  
- just detox and cleanse (10 day package)
- arthritis
- diabetes
- infertility
- weight loss
- skin conditions
- hypertension
- hypothyroid
- hyperthyroid
- insomnia
- depression
- pain in joints
- asthma
- menorrhagia
- migraine
- spondylitis

Now, I may have left out a few, but this is what I remember from the top of my head. Now did all of them go back happy and satisfied? I do not know. But I can tell you every one looked better than when they came in, felt lighter, happier.You could also tell that people had lost weight and looked healthier and energetic. You could see people who came in tight fitting clothes, bulging in them, change to fitting comfortably in them.

There was a lady who had come from Tanzania with pain between her chest and abdomen for many years. She said that after the first session of colon therapy, it just went away and she was so relieved. There was another lady who had such trouble walking. She has much relief over a period of 10 days and vowed to come in again. There was another young lady who weighed 110kgs a year ago when she first came to JNI. After spending her first round of treatment last year and following the guidelines through the year at home, she had lost 45kgs. She was here for a second time. She showed me her pictures. I was amazed that it was not just weight loss, she now looked healthy and fit and was here back again to lose another few kgs of what was left to eventually reach her ideal weight by the end of the year.


This is the most interesting part. At least for me :). I generally eat healthy, but this was definitely two notches above. Most people think that they starve you at Jindal. That is so not true.

First and foremost, all food that they serve is grown in their gardens and farms and is totally fresh and organic. Couldn't be better, isn't it? 

Every person has his or her own prescribed diet. It could range from a normal meal of rotis and sabzis (always steamed) to soups, salads or just fruits. They have the sweetest watermelons and papayas that I have every had - obviously due to the great quality soil and weather. They do make items like veg rolls and pies at times. But you get only whatever has been prescribed on your food sheet. The look on anyone getting a veg roll is priceless - its like he/she has won the grand prize.

Some people may feel very hungry depending on their prescribed diet, but they are never starved. They are given enough nutrients via soups and juices. It takes time for their body to adopt to the new feeding routine. They put you on a fast for a couple of days. I learnt the difference between fasting and starving. Fasting is to have a restricted diet under supervision. Fasting is super beneficial for your body - when done right. Starving is deprivation of food and is harmful. The first day of fast is a little difficult - like anything else that you start new in life. By the second day you have more energy and feel lighter and rejuvenated. The toxins flush out by then I understood. Also, not all people are put on fast - as mentioned earlier - each person is unique and has his/her own prescribed diet regimen.

Every two hours you are fed with juice. Again, these juices are prepared fresh and supply all necessary vitamins and minerals that your body will need. The juices keep you nourished and hydrated through the day. I especially LOVED their 'wholesome juice'.


Well, most of the conversation in JNI starts at the lunch table. You look up, he/she looks up and the conversation always invariably starts with, 'Aapka konsa din hai?' (Which day is yours). I noticed that almost nobody starts with, 'Hi, I am ...'. No one. If they like you after a few sentences then they might, they just might offer their name. Else, its more like, 'Aapka Colon hua ?'. Colon Hydrotherapy seems to be like a right of passage. :). Rumour is that its the most horrid treatment of all. Well, thats not true. So, the usual next question is, 'Aapka fasting hua?' (Did you finish your fasting?). If you answer a yes, then the next question is, ' Kitne din?' (How many days). The next question is, 'Kitna weight loss hua?' (How many kgs did you lose?). Then they get to more mundane questions like, are you married?, do you have kids?, and then where are you from? Why are you here? etc etc. If you meet them a second time then you get to know more about them.

Well, I made a few good friends from very different walks of like whom otherwise I would have never had the chance to meet. The one that interested me the most was a world traveller from Mumbai who visited the Antarctica. She even spoke on one of the evenings. Met a few more interesting people whom I am not going to list here.


You will be reminded of the Sholay dialogue, 'Kitne aadmi the?' because my exercise routine was not complete without someone asking me, 'Kitne round maare?' (How many rounds did you walk) :).

Again, exercise is prescribed based on body and disease requirement. The category of exercise is yoga, aquatics, gym and aerobics.     

Cleansing and Detox

Cleansing and detox are given the highest prominence. Everybody knows that moderate food and exercise is essential and that bad eating habits, stress and the like take a toll on the body ..blah..blah. In spite of knowing it all the experience of the detox and cleansing treatments is simply amazing. It is literally a breath of fresh air. 

At JNI, they do the cleanse as a matter of fact over a period of days. Their program is very well crafted to get the right amount of nutrition, exercise and rest to recoup every day.


The day starts at 5 am. At home, I wake up just in time to make it to office. But here, I had no trouble waking up at 5 am at all. They gently wake you up with music and once you are up,
there are so many activities that keep you physically and mentally engaged that you forget that you woke up at 5 am.

- The first thing you do after waking up is drink two or more glasses of clean water. Here again, I always used to wonder how can people drink so much water at once. They make you do it gradually and by the time you leave, you will be habituated to drinking those two glasses at least. I am. I wake up now and drink those two glasses easily and sometimes more.

- The morning routine starts with the kriyas like jalaneti etc etc. Again, not everybody does everything. You will look into your sheet to know which ones to do. There are sufficient instructors available that help you perform the kriyas in a very smooth manner even if you have never done any before and it all looked like mumbo jumbo before. 

- Walking after or before the kriya is recommended. The entire property is open for a walk. The view by the lake is great. One would be stupid not to take a walk to soak up the beautiful morning sun.

- The laughter and yoga session come right after that. It might seem like that is a lot of work before eating anything. But its amazing how the body is all rejuvenated after the last set of pranayama and ready for the first food of the day which is a glass of juice around 8 am.

- The next food for the day is around 9 am - another glass of juice. 

- Lunch starts at 11 am. Between the juices, you are busy and occupied getting the recommended treatments. The juices keep you full!

- 12.15 to 2:00 pm is for siesta

- 2pm was my favourite time because they give you this wholesome juice which has about 15 different fruits and ingredients. Its like drinking your magic potion of health. It must be a great combination of all necessary vitamins and minerals. I felt that my palms and lips had started looking more pink!

- 2 pm onwards you can avail the rest of the treatments if any, else you can perch yourself on the swing and gaze at the lake or lay down on the hammock under the mango tree

- Specific yogas start around 3 pm and then a break for juice again; the aerobics, aquatics, accupuncture etc are all done before dinner

- Dinner is at 5:45 pm onwards
- Before or after dinner, you can go for a walk if you have not had enough walking already

- There is a recreation room that you can use after dinner. We had a TT match one day and we had people ranging from 20 years to a 68 year young lady - all playing against each other. 

- The library is open all day.

- Daily 7:20 pm to 8:00 pm there are either informative lectures on health care based on naturopathy, other informative programmes like cooking classes or entertainment programs like movies. They even have a small theatre where they play movies on Sundays.

- You can go to bed early and are encouraged not to say up beyond 10.30 pm.

If you are wondering how you are going to keep track of everything, do not worry. I quickly realised that the way they are so efficient is that they control when, where and how much food you will have. Everyone and everything falls in line. So I concluded that if you control people's food, everybody no matter whether they are the president of a large nation will behave... for food ;). Well, just kidding. But it does help to plan everything around it. Even if you do not plan to plan everything around it, you will end up that way anyways. ;).

Things to look out for

*Though everything sounds too good to be true, its unfair to expect miracles as the entire process only helps what your body is capable of in a stress free natural environment using natural techniques

*There will be people who will complain - like everywhere else. Its your choice to focus on what you want for yourself. If things do not work for you, talk to the doctor or the staff. They are more than willing to help. Thats better than being judgemental and deciding the negative for yourself.

*First two days were the hardest for me. Then I got into a routine and as days passed by I was feeling lighter and better. I plateaued at day 10 as I missed home, friends, family but I was determined to see myself through the whole program. In spite of being packed with treatment and exercise programs you will find pockets of solitude. So decide before you go there what you want to do. I had taken a few books and tried reading them on a hammock under a tree...well, I read only so much and ended up day dreaming :).

*What suits one may not suit the other. So you might do better than somebody else (think positive ;)). 

*I loved the yoga and must have overdone it a bit. I hurt my knee a bit. It is much better now. I mentioned it to the doctor and they asked me to give it a few days rest. :(. Too much of a good thing may not be so good too..

*People seem to know who the best doctors. the best masseurs, so on and so forth are. But again what suits them may not be best for you. You are bound to feel disappointed at times. Your mood may swing depending on what treatment you had or how your stress is getting lifted off from all the pranayama or how much you are missing people back home and more. I noticed that you can usually tell if its somebody's day1 or day2 - they have more poker faces. People generally ease up as they stay longer. There are people staying for beyond 30 days and going back happy. Am sure they have their good and bad days. I met people who had come back a fourth time all the way from Australia as they loved what the results.


My experience was great. You get to meet a lot of people and you can choose to socialise or not. The place is away from pollution and is kept trim and clean. They have the most beautiful gardens I have seen in Bangalore. Its a great experience to be with nature. I missed family at times, but most times you are too busy with one treatment or the other. 

Hats off to their staff who are extremely punctual and dedicated - everything runs like a well oiled machine. Usually, at regular service places you have to follow up, remind, yell etc - JNI is one place where they will remind you if you falter or do not show up. Also, people are treated as people. This place will definitely relax you and cleanse you. They do not perform miracles there, but they help in every way to let your body heal to its best capacity.

Disclaimer: These represent my time at Jindal. Someone else who has visited Jindal may think or feel differently. Also, I think every medicine has its role. I am not pro or against any which one. But the best one is when the body can heal itself if you maintain it well and help it defend itself. 

If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment. Wish you good health


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  5. Very well described Rashmi. This post has certainly covered lods of information, which can help people before visiting JNI. Planning to experience such a great nature healing.

  6. Very well described Rashmi. This post has certainly covered lods of information, which can help people to visit JNI. Surely planning to experience such a great nature healing.

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  12. how much weigth you lose?

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